Privacy statement

1. Operator of the register

Name: the Ouneva Group
Business ID: 0157948-0
Address:Teollisuustie 21
Postal code: FI-82730
Postal address: TUUPOVAARA
E-mail address:

2. Person in charge of the register

Company: Ouneva Group
Name: Mari Räty
Address: Industrieuustie 21
Postal code: FI-82730
Postal address: TUUPOVAARA

3. Data Protection Officer

Company: Valukumpu Oy
Address: Raivaajantie 1
Postal code: 80100
Postal address: JOENSUU

4. Name of the register

Ouneva Group’s register of jobseekers
Register of visitors to the website

5. Purpose of the register

The personal data contained in the register is used on the basis of voluntary consent to carry out the Ouneva Group’s recruitment process. Personal data may be received by us through an application for a position. We have a Talent Community where, with your consent, personal data can be maintained. Through the Talent Community, we may invite you to participate in an active recruitment process or offer you a job vacancy.
The information in the register may also be used for the following purposes: developing and implementing advertising and/or direct marketing and developing the website.

6. Grounds for the collection and processing of data

The processing of personal data is based on the consent of the website visitor. When applying for a job vacancy or joining a talent pool, a separate consent for the processing of personal data is also required. In the absence of the aforementioned consent, no data will be sent or processed.

7. Data content of the register

Collection of personal data for the purpose of assessing the applicant:
Mandatory data are the applicant’s first and last name, e-mail address and consent for the pool of experts. Optional data include telephone number, free description, LinkedIn profile, links and attachments (e.g. CV, cover letter, video). As part of the recruitment process, personal assessments may be used through an external partner. In this case, only the necessary information about the person is provided to the external partner. At the end of the recruitment process, a candidate experience questionnaire will be sent to candidates, to which they may voluntarily respond.
Collection of personal data for the purpose of maintaining the talent pool:
Applicants may voluntarily join a talent pool. The information to be maintained in the pool includes first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number, information contained in links and attachments (education, skills, language skills and qualifications), interview notes, assessments, referees and any aptitude tests. In addition, the talent pool will keep a record of the applicant’s wishes regarding the job opportunity, such as the location of the job, the content of the job or the salary requirement.
Collection of personal data for the preparation of the employment contract:
Collection of data related to the preparation of employment contracts of persons selected from the recruitment process. The data to be collected are personal identity number, bank account number, next of kin and work permit (only if required).

8. Data retention period

The personal data entered in the application and/or in the pool of professionals will be kept for 12 months from the date of sending the application. At the end of the above period, the application, including the data entered by the applicant and any notifications by e-mail, will be deleted.

9. Regular data sources

The web analytics services collect non-personally identifiable data on website visitors, which includes:
– Age, gender, country, city, language, web service provider information
– Sessions, number of sessions per user, website usage data
– Inaccurate interests indicated by browsing patterns
– Phrases entered in the search fields on the site
– Technical characteristics of the terminal used for the visit
– Data collected through the website cannot be linked to personal data unless the user contacts us through the website and provides their information. The data provided by the contact will not be stored in analytical tools.
The online analytics services also collect data, which is further specified in the privacy statements of the Google Analytics, HubSpot and Leadfeeder services that collect the data:
Google Analytics:
HubSpot Software:

10. Regular data disclosures and data transfers outside the EU or the European Economic Area

There is no regular transfer of data outside the Ouneva Group companies. Companies belonging to the Ouneva Group are:
– Alsiva Oy (business ID: 0962501-5).
– Jotwire Oy (Business ID: 0657122-6)
– Ouneva Oy (Business ID: 0157948-0)
– Valukumpu Oy (Business ID: 2126932-4)
– Top Speed Oy (Business ID: 2677355-4)
– Ase Utra Oy (Business ID: 1743053-3)
The information you enter on Ouneva Group websites will be transferred outside the EU and EEA when using the Hubspot service. Information about Hubspot Inc.